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+ Fast-acting saluretik, diuretic, especially in intravenous method of administration. It is good in hypertensive krize against a background of food error with an abundance of sodium and water in food, for example beer with rakami and salty fish. Lasix pills effective in cupping pulmonary edema in the emergency cardiology and ambulance.

– 2 times for the practice met Urticaria: once on intravenous and once on the pill form.

It is advisable to consider the loss of salts in use.

Pacient 1
I was taking this drug when I had kidney problems, which caused me appeared swelling. Because of the virus that I had, the urine almost didn’t leave. I was prescribed Lasix pills, half a pill 40 mg twice a day. After some time, the effect of the drug was noticeable, urine began to depart. About a week later my condition was normalized and my health improved. I did not notice the side effects of Lasix, although they are certainly in the description of the drug. The drug begins to act almost immediately after the reception, literally in the first 15-20 minutes. The diuretic effect passes after 5 hours.

Pacient 2
In itself Lasix pills is a preparation similar to all known “Furosemide “. I also want to note that the drug should be used with caution diabetics, especially in the stage of decompensation, the drug removes the liquid from the body, respectively, the concentration of glucose in the blood becomes higher. It is very important to know and remember that before using the drug is better to consult with the Doctor.

Pacient 3
Lasix pills is a good enough and powerful diuretic, which allows you to quickly cope with edema, intoxication and other pathology. But this drug has one “but”-it is potassium not sparing diuretic, which deduces potassium from our body, which is not good, because potassium nourishes the heart muscle, and with long-term therapy lasix, we can aggravate our condition. It is more and more correct to use a Lasix pills in a period of abundant intravenous infusions, for example, when you lie in hospital and take various solutions of preparations.

Pacient 4
The doctor forbade me to take Lasix pills -says that he is too strong and can have a bad influence on the salts of blood. And I used to get rid of edema with its help. Now the doctor prescribed me another medicine, which is much more expensive…

Pacient 5
Due to prolonged problems with the heart and kidneys, I have swelling of the lower limbs and shortness of breath. I was hospitalized, and my doctor appointed me, in addition to the basic treatment, diuretic (diuretics) Lasix from swelling. Already on the 3rd day I began to feel the effect of Lasix, as frequent urination led to a noticeable decrease in swelling and reduced blood pressure, in addition passed a breath. In the course of treatment dosage of this drug was controlled by my doctor. But the most important and basic treatment has passed successfully, and this, undoubtedly, has contributed to Lasix!

Lasix pills -a diuretic rapid action, in its chemical structure is derived sulfamida.

To the reader immediately understand what is in question-this is the original drug furosemide from the World Pharmaceutical Corporation “Sanofi Aventis”. The mechanism of diuretic action of Lasix consists in oppression of reabsorption (return suction) of ions of sodium and chlorine in renal canaltsi. Thus, the organism more willingly leaves with sodium (with chlorine too, but the first has much more clinical value), as a result of which the whole cascade of secondary effects is potentiuthe: increase of volume of the allocated urine, strengthening of excretion of ions Potassium, calcium and magnesium.

It is characteristic, that at repeated reception of Lasix its diuretic activity does not weaken. In patients with chronic heart failure preparation in the shortest time reduces the preloading (it occurs due to expansion of vessels of a venous channel), “Strates steam” (read: Reduces pressure) in a system of a pulmonary artery and the Chamber of left Ventricle. The rapidity of its pharmacological effect, as specialists believe, Lasix owes prostaglandin, so the necessary condition that the drug turned “to the fullest”, is the normal functioning of the system Prostaglandins, as well as adequate kidney work.

Lasix has antigipertenzivnym action, based on the increased recovery of sodium from the body, elevated diffraction and associated with this decrease in circulating blood, reducing the sensitivity of the smooth muscle walls of the blood vessels to The In the latter case, it is primarily Catecholasam: thanks to the increased excretion of sodium, Lasix softens the increased (which is characteristic of hypertension) vascular response to these powerful vasokonstrictors. As shown by clinical studies with the participation of healthy volunteers, Dioreticescoe and Salureticheskoe effect Lasziks observed in the admission of the drug in the range of 10 to 100 mg.

After injecting 20 mg of the drug Diuretic effect began to manifest in 15 minutes and lasted about 3 hours.
The manufacturer has mastered the production of two medicinal forms of lasix: tablets and solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection. Treatment lasix recommend to spend using the least effective doses of the drug. It should be noted dose dependence of the therapeutic effect of the drug, as well as mention that Lasix has a very high pharmacological “ceiling” (its activity increases in a wide range of doses).

Despite the stated two ways of injecting (intravenous and intramuscular), the second of them is used only in exceptional cases, when it is not possible to enter the solution in a vein or use a pill. It also corresponds to the intravenous and oral method of use: The injection is made only in situations where for some reason it is impossible to receive the drug inside, there are violations of the absorption of furosemide in the small intestine or need to be extremely Quick therapeutic effect. When using the injection form lasix is recommended as soon as possible to transfer the patient to the pill form.

Before the beginning of pharmacotherapy it is necessary to exclude presence of strongly expressed infringements of urodynamics (outflow of urine). In the course of treatment desirable control of blood concentrations of sodium ions, potassium, as well as creatinine. Particularly careful monitoring should be carried out for patients prone to water-electrolyte imbalance (caused by diarrhoea, vomiting or intense hyperhidrosis).

During the drug course it is recommended to enrich your diet with potassium, for which the menu is injected products such as lean meat, tomatoes, cauliflower, spinach, potatoes, bananas, dried fruits, etc. sometimes depending on the situation, you may need to Intake of potassium preparations.

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