Payday loan

How to get out of debt quickly with a payday loan?

If you don’t know how to get out of debt quickly, then maybe it’s time to get a loan on a parabank? it’s about the so-called Payday loan. They have many advantages, but they are improperly selected, they can introduce our finances into an even larger spiral of debt!. so be careful! The increasing number of loan companies brings some positive features for borrowers, namely the competition between parabanks and the fight for each client.

Loan companies are increasing the number of their offers in order to be able to satisfy the potential customer in the best way possible. Thanks to this, we, the borrower, can better match the loan offer to our current life and financial situation. On the other hand, the variety of loan offers available on the market can give you a headache, you can easily get lost in the jungle of different requirements for a potential customer. And it is the requirements set by parabanks that ultimately determine the availability of a given loan offer for us.


And how can you not get lost and choose the right loan?

payday loan

Generally speaking, before we start looking for a loan, let’s give our requirements a general picture of our financial situation, namely:

  • what is my income
  • what loan amount do i need
  • and what installment loan amount is at stake!


Most non-bank loan companies do not require us to prove their income, but there are still lenders who prefer such certificates or statements!

From my point of view, requiring documents confirming earnings to get a loan is a good move for a loan company – it protects its interests in this way. On the other hand, proving your earnings to the loan company when calculating the loan amount will protect the potential client against borrowing too much, which he will not be able to pay back with the salary he receives every month! So you can say a thing: The wolf is full and the whole sheep!


Loan companies give everyone?

Loan companies give everyone?

Unfortunately yes! sometimes verification of a customer applying for a loan is limited only to verification of the registered address, which must be in Poland, and verification of the borrower’s identity card!

For example, payday loans are literally offered to every customer, you can easily enter the office “from the street” and leave after 15 minutes with the borrowed amount. It is enough to have an ID card with you, eg an electricity or gas bill.

Prepaid cards

Even in some cases, you do not need to have a bank account, because payday money is transferred to a prepaid card. Thanks to this card (which the customer later receives) that will be assigned to our data, you can pay at the supermarket, home appliances store or even online! or simply withdraw cash at an ATM.

Verifying the borrower through utility bills?

Increasingly, loan companies are asking to bring electricity, TV, internet or other utility bills to check if we have delays in repayment. It’s about checking whether, despite the income, we are meeting our financial obligations.

Loan companies very often give customers a choice as to which invoice customers want to bring, here it is worth praising such a move on the part of lenders, because it can happen to everyone that once forgot to pay a bill on time, eg for the Internet.

Fortunately, such minor negligence will not cancel the loan, because you can skip the incident and leave the bill at home, taking another – always paid on time!


It’s time to complete the loan application.

loan application

Before you start completing, sometimes even a long loan application, let’s first check what requirements are set for the borrower and whether we meet them. You will save your precious time, which sometimes plays a key role in obtaining a loan or payday loan!

Only fill out this loan application that meets your expectations! and a loan company. it’s not worth deluding yourself thinking. Such thinking is doomed to failure, so do not waste time.


Is the loan company in PZIP?

loan company

PZIP, ie the Polish Association of Loan Institutions (formerly the Association of Loan Companies) is an organization that brings together entities operating on the electronic loans market. PZIP is an independent, democratic and self-governing representative of leading loan institutions.

The PZIP includes only loan companies with a good and unwavering reputation that follow the principle of responsible money lending in practice!


Quick tips

loan tips

  • do not decide on a better loan company!
  • choose loan companies that do not hide their data, it is worth verifying such data online!
  • Take a loan only if you fully understand the lender’s regulations!
  • You have 14 days to withdraw from the loan agreement!
  • never send an ID card scan!
  • go to KNF and make sure that the loan company you are about to borrow from is not on the public warning list!

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