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Many of you have probably seen movies where small plastic bottles with pills stand behind a mirror in the cupboard behind the mirror. What it is and how they can be obtained in the US and Canada I will now tell.

If this medicine is without a prescription, you just come to the pharmacy, choose the right medicine on the shelf as in a supermarket, and buy. Or you can buy drugs online in online pharmacy.

But everything happens differently if you need a prescription. Usually, the prescription is prescribed by a family doctor or other doctor. At the same time, he prints it out on the printer and on the resulting sheet along with the name of the medicine there is all the other necessary information – the patient’s data – name, address, telephone number, name of the medicine, daily dose,

With this recipe you come to a pharmacy where you give a prescription. There you need to give the recipe and you can find out the final cost. In contrast to the treatment itself, which in Canada is free.

But if you have insurance (like the majority of the working population), then the drugs will be free or almost free (there are different insurance conditions). There, your data will be entered into the computer and will tell the time through which you need to go to the issuing point, pay, pick up those very bubbles with tablets and find out how to take it. Time can be different. From 10 minutes to an hour.

Why do we need time?

Because some medicines are prepared by pharmacists themselves – for example, delicious syrups with a medicine for children. For others, you can select the desired quantity. For example, buy only 5 tablets and buy the right amount the next time. Or, if this syrup is a child, then based on the mass of the child and the duration of treatment, calculate the total volume and pour exactly as much as needed. In addition, apothecaries prepare individual packaging.

Take a vial with a lid with protection from opening by children, paste printed out data on the medicine on this vial. Usually this:

Pharmacy address and telephone number
Bubble number
The name of the doctor who wrote the prescription
Name of patient
Name of the medicine
The number of tablets and the weight of each and how much everything you need to drink
Frequency of admission
And a few stickers with additional information. For example: take during meals, drink plenty of water, stay up for 10 minutes after taking, do not consume alcohol and the like.

Interestingly, there is such a thing as Refills (how many still have to take). For example, the doctor prescribed to take the medicine for 3 months of 30 tablets per month. You can buy just 90 tablets, and you can buy, for example, only 15, and the rest to buy later. All this data is in the database in the pharmacy and the next time you can not bring anything at all, but just say your name and you will again prepare the right number of tablets.

What is even more interesting is that pharmacies are different and with different brands and names, but you can buy tablets in a completely different pharmacy. You just need to tell where you bought before or bring a vial. They immediately find out all the necessary information on your prescription from the previous pharmacy. Since all information is in the database, the recipe is immediately taken away and left at home. You can, of course, ask to print a copy, but usually it is not necessary.

Once I bought a prescription tablet, they seemed to me not effective.

I went to buy other prescription pills. At the same time, in the database, the pharmacies saw what I had written out before and warned me that in no case can the former and the new be taken together. Only separately. I was convinced that I understand that we can not take together, and only then we sold new ones.

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