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I’ll write today prednisone reviews. I have memories connected with him Hmmm, do not even know where to start One late autumn evening, returnin from the institute, hungry and cold, went to the nearest supermarket to buy something for dinner. Suppose i had to buy Prednisone online in advance

I felt myself unimportant that day, my head hurted and vomited. And while walking past the refrigerator with sliced ​​herring in a jar, I realized that I wanted to eat it wildly. Well, I did not understand then, what’s what.

I came home, and quickly began to eat with black bread, even lazy to make a side dish.

As a result, I ate this jar completely alone, since my then other guy slept. Damn, how my eyes began to itch, and after a couple of minutes I felt like my throat began to swell and itch, making my breathing get heavier and heavier. I began to cough, that at least somehow breathed. She ran into the room, coughing wildly, my boy woke up from this. “What’s the matter with you?” He asked, looking at my Asian eyes. “I do not know, the allergy is likely to pass now,” I say. At this time, huge blisters begin to cover my body.

A little back from the topic, I will say that as a child I was an allergic asthmatic, and I was allergic to a lot of things, including fish (but only for the river). But at 10 years it all disappeared, but I never ate fish in the water, and I still do not have any desire, but I very much at sea, mackerel and humpback salmon, and I eat every herb every 11 years (me 21) there were no relapses.

But in this case I realized that the allergy covered me with the most powerful wave. While my boyfriend ran around the apartment in panic and was looking for antihistamines, I writhed in bed in death cramps. In a terrible condition and begged him to call an ambulance and not look for pills that are unlikely to help in my case. He did not listen to me and continued to rush like a flash gordon (still offensive for the way he behaved at that moment). As a result, I called an ambulance myself.

The medics arrived quickly, five minutes later. Two women asked why it covered me so. From herring, I say. And she explained that herring was always calm and nothing like that was ever. (Again moving away from the topic I will say that as a result it turned out that the allergy was not on the fish itself, but on sodium benzoate (E211), which was contained there just in horse dose (stood in 2nd place after the fish), and I was young and stupid to read the compounds, and where without these preservatives in our time).

After consulting, the women decided to inject me with prednisone (prednisone used for allergies, I do not remember how many cubes), and Tavegil (I also do not remember how many). Have stuck. Sensations do not wish the enemy-the sensation that it itches and burns from within ABSOLUTELY every cell of the body. Or as if burnt alive. As my husband says at that time, I screamed pretty hard. Then I vomited. And then it became easier, much easier. Women from the ambulance were still following my condition for about five minutes, and finally making sure that everything was fine. And I got sleepy, and I fell asleep. The swelling of the face (big nose, narrow eyes) finally passed in three or four days.

After finally recovering after this (after about 2 weeks), I found out that I was pregnant. Pregnancy 5-6 weeks. Then there were long studies on the account of teratogenicity of Tavegil and cheap prednisone, doubts of husband-and suddenly a freak, and it’s better not to give birth to a sick child. And it’s not too late to do med.abort. Questions gynecologist that I do with this (thanks to her, assured me that everything will be fine, deviations often occur after tetracycline antibiotics).

My sleepless nights and doubts about abortion Time passed, I doubted, then the first uzi, where they told me that with the child everything is fine. Then I finally believed that the drugs did not affect and leave the child. As a result, I gave birth to a beautiful blue-eyed daughter. All this is already behind, the guy became a husband, the daughter is already the second year and she is healthy. Thanks to prednisone therapy. Advice be careful about your health, what you eat. Then there will be no problems. Be healthy!

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