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levothyroxine is the same thyroid hormone, only synthetic and i buy levothyroxine online without prescription. It is appointed or nominated by the doctor endocrinologist. Now very often girls buy it just in a canadian pharmacy and take it for loss weight. And yes, it really helps to lose weight. But uncontrolled intake of hormones kills a healthy thyroid gland, and real problems begin.

This is a kind of substitution therapy. That is, when your thyroid gland does not produce the necessary amount of a hormone, you need to take it from the outside. That is levothyroxine Sodium Oral tablet
I was prescribed a dose of 150 mg at once. This is very much. If you take into account that the minimum dosage is 25 mg.

Pills very small with a dividing strip on the one hand, which is very easy to break, if necessary, and the name of the dosage on the other.

Since the thyroid gland ceases to produce the right amount of hormones, we will of course take them from the canadian pharmacy by buying levothyroxine without prescription.
For more than a year I was taking different medications. My analysis TTG, jumped, then dropped, then the last time again rose to 6-odd, here’s a doctor and appointed me a hormonal therapy, starting with this drug.

I take half of this pill, on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating.
As the doctor told me at the last reception: if the rate goes back to normal, a little bit lower, you can take a break, do not take hormones for a while.

How I was afraid of hormonal drugs … and did not want to agree with her decision to switch to hormones. But she convinced me that this is not bad, the drug will lead me to leveling (to the norm) TTG, and my hair, my skin, my monthly will go back to normal. Yes, I forgot to say that I had a cycle for a long time, this autoimmune thyroiditis turns out, it also affects this. And I also have mastopathy (fibrous hyperplasia), and the endocrinologist told me that this levothyroxine will help me in this problem.┬áIt’s good that I was able to buy levothyroxine online.

Always heard that from hormonal preparations it is possible to type or collect excess weight. And at the doctor’s appointment the doctor said that from these pills I can even lose weight. But I do not want to lose him, I was always thin, and only recently started gaining weight, I like it. I do not want to lose weight.

For three months of taking these pills, I can say that my condition has improved. Previously, I always wanted to sleep, now I’m more active. The dry skin of my hands also began to change slightly for the better. And most importantly for me, my arrhythmia passed, the last time was a month ago. The menstrual cycle came back to normal. Many people want to lose weight, but I’m an exception, I would rather get better again. Everyone has their own organism, maybe yours will respond to this drug differently.

Other names for this medication
Abutiroi, Eferox, Eltroxin, Levo-t, Levoid, Levoroxine, Levothyrox, Levothyroxinum, Levotiroxina, Levoxine, Levoxyl, Liothyrone, Novothyral, Novothyrox, Sintrocid t4, Thevier, Thyrax, Thyrex, Thyro hormone, Thyrotardin, Thyrox, Thyroxin, Tiroxino leo, Unithroid

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