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Atarax is a brand-name drug that produces sedative and antihistamine action. Generic Atarax is called Hydroxyzine just like the active component. It is used to treat anxiety, tension, and skin allergy (for example, contact dermatitis or hives).

Alcohol-dependent people buy Atarax to reduce the activity in the central nervous system. Surgeons use it as a sedative during surgery.

How to Take?

Patients can acquire Atarax in the form of pills only. One tablet contains 25mg of hydroxyzine. Various diseases require various doses:

  • People take 50mg or 300 mg a day (in some serious cases) to treat symptomatic relief of anxiety and tension.
  • 50-200mg can be taken by adults and 1mg /kg is required to be taken by children one hour before surgery.
  • If parents buy Atarax without prescription to treat pruritus in their children, they should know that the dose must be taken according to the child’s weight (1-2,5mg per kilogram) and disease peculiarities. That’s why the dose must be prescribed by a doctor to avoid possible side reaction.
  • Adults take 25mg-200mg a day to treat allergic pruritus.

Where to Buy?

It’s possible to buy Atarax online or at the ordinary drugstore. If you want to get cheap Atarax, it’s better to compare the prices of all drugstores. You should take into consideration the safety of the drugstore, the quality of drugs and the reliability of the manufacturer. The online shopping is easier. One can order Atarax in few minutes just being at home or at work.

Adverse Effects of the Drugs

Before you decide to take the drugs, you must read Atarax reviews about all possible side reactions. The most common adverse reactions of Atarax use are dry mouth, urinary retention, constipation, sleepiness and weakness, headache, dizziness, abnormal sweating, allergy, tremor, etc.

It’s possible to find all the necessary information about Atarax online and in the medical reference book.


Don’t purchase Atarax if you:

  • are a breastfeeding mother or pregnant
  • have an allergy to, at least, one Atarax components
  • have porphyria
  • suffer from lactose intolerance or galactose and glucose malabsorption
  • drink alcohol beverages
  • suffer from glaucoma, kidney, thyroid and liver dysfunction, heart and stomach diseases

Warning! Atarax can impair your reactions and thinking!


The drugs are to be kept in a dry dark place. The temperature mustn’t be higher than 25°C. Shelf life expires in 5 years.


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