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It seems that I have postpartum depression. It started right after I was born.

Today I want to share with you my experience in taking such a drug as Atarax and where to buy atarax online.

In general, after certain events in my life a few years ago, I realized that without tranquilizers / sedatives I myself can not cope. At that time I drank Paxil, and he kind of helped me.

This year, I was advised by Atarax. I know that I can not prescribe medications for myself, but firstly I have higher medical education myself, and secondly, after taking the antidepressant Adepress, appointed by the doctor, I almost started moving the horses.

Just want to note that antidepressants and tranquilizers (sedatives) are almost the opposite things. The antidepressant should awaken the desire to live and rejoice, and sedatives should soothe and promote a healthy sleep.

Now specifically about the hero’s response, get acquainted: Atarax

So, I felt the effect right after the first tablet.

My experiences as if turned off. I do not know how this works, but it works. You become such a robot without emotion. But, at that moment it was necessary for me! This drug seems to be sobering. The things that made you feel like a trifle. You start to look at the world sensibly!
As a sedative I took Atarax for about 2 weeks. Not every day, but as needed.

And there was no effect of cancellation or addiction. On the contrary, if I accept it, then the next day it seems to me that it calms me down.

By the way, all the time drove the car, sort of as it is impossible, but my reactions are not stalled))) In general, I like the drug, it may be useful to someone knew my experience.
A good depression, like a good wine – is only better with age =) I joke)


In the photo the statuette of Hippocrates, the oath to which I gave on the island where he was born and buried, Greece, o.Kos.


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